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The hybrid work bias and how it affects women

Proximity bias is shown to have a strong impact on hybrid workers, especially women. What strategies can organisations employ to mitigate it?

Why women aren’t returning to the workplace

With nearly two million less women in the workforce than before the pandemic, we dive into reasons why women aren’t returning back to work.

HR Chatbots: the Future of Workforce Recruitment and Management

With over 50% of customers expecting 24/7 customer service, it’s no wonder chatbots are becoming key workers in the HR discipline.

Understanding the metaverse and it’s benefits

What do business leaders need to know about the metaverse and what are the reasons for investing it? Find out more in our white paper.

What is hyperautomation?

Hyperautomation is one of those buzzwords that gets everyone excited and confused. In this article we ask, is it hyperautomation or hyperbole?

What is a Master Vendor?

There are many types of partner relationship open to companies. Master Vendor is one option. But what is it, and why consider employing one?

Why talent engagement is the hottest recruitment topic in 2022

Talent engagement, the hottest recruitment topic of 2022 as organizations scramble to develop the latest techniques to draw top talent.

Why the adoption of private talent pool is on the rise

3 min readTemporary workers, freelancers and the external workforce are nothing new. Businesses have been using the external workforce to fulfil their talent needs for decades and this is a trend that is on the rise. In fact, 60% of firms are predicted to increase the...

The advantages an external workforce brings to your business

3 min read In today's dynamic business environment, the imperative to locate optimal candidates who will bring value to your organization cannot be overstated. While the traditional view was that hiring full-time employees was the sole means of accomplishing this...

Which is the right opportunity for your business in the Metaverse

Maybe you are not looking forward to using the Metaverse for gaming or for any virtual experience, or maybe you believe that Metaverse is just a hyped technology which won't have inclusion in your business. So does that means that the Metaverse is completely...

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