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Topic: contingent staffing

Hire Top Talent in < 30 days 


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By Ian C. Tomlin

Want to fill vacancies in under 30 days? Newsflash: finding temps/contractors through agencies is slow, expensive and doesn’t work. There’s a better way; an approach that’s more successful, more efficient, and doesn’t kill your brand reputation in the talent market.

Gone are the days of trusting staffing firms to spray your brand across LinkedIn to find top talent WHEN you need it. You need to find talent BEFORE you need it. So what’s working now? In this article, we reveal the secret sauce that will make all the difference to your hiring approach.

Forget the talent shortage narrative

Every business needs capable and qualified people with the right cultural fit and can-do attitude to get jobs done and drive problem-solving, ideation and growth initiatives. Today’s ideal candidate must be tech-savvy, embrace AI, and be prepared to roll with the punches, seeing change as an opportunity, not a trial.

The constant drumbeat of a “talent shortage” can feel discouraging. But here’s a silver lining: with a strong employer brand, attracting top performers becomes achievable. Effective brand promotion paired with direct sourcing and talent pool strategies can flip the script. Instead of wading through a crowded marketplace, you’ll be attracting a pre-vetted group of qualified candidates who are already interested in what your company has to offer. This targeted approach saves time and resources, giving you a clear advantage in the competitive talent landscape.

Big news—there is NO talent shortage for companies set up to win in the talent war.

The truth is, for companies offering a truly compelling employee experience, there’s a thriving pool of top talent waiting to be discovered.

Becoming a talent magnet involves providing a fantastic rewards package, exceptional opportunities, a positive belonging work culture, the chance to make a difference on the world, and a seat at the table in the direction of the business, with the opportunity to contribute ideas—to bring their whole selves to work. Indeed, with the right magnet for top talent, there is a plentiful supply.

To hire top talent in 30 days, you need that brand pull, a bit of useful tech and some help in greasing the wheels of your new hiring engine! The good news is that it’s easy and doable; here’s how.

How to win your personal war for talent

Think of your hiring activity as a personal (and often local) war for talent. You don’t need all kinds of people, just the ones that fit your positions and business as a whole. It begins by understanding what talent you need and what a good fit looks like, and inverting your hiring pyramid.

We’ve developed SeeBeyond, a data fabric that acts as a unified layer, seamlessly connecting all your talent systems. This lets you harvest and centralize all your data, making it readily available for powerful analytics, AI assistants, and custom applications (at scale).

With SeeBeyond, businesses can determine what talent they need, where to hunt for it, and the optimal rate to offer based on local market forces, qualifications and experience levels, etc. SeeBeyond allows organisations also to predict when to go looking for it.

Know Your Fit 

The best-fit talent naturally has the qualifications and skills you need to do the job, along with a smidgen of diversity and creativity.

When evaluating CVs, don’t go looking for people who’ve done the same job discipline for years. They won’t have the worldly skills you need and life experiences (and are likely too settled, not hungry enough to look to improve constantly).

Instead, look for the doers and game-changers who are passionate about the role and exhibit the personal qualities that show they will contribute to your team, not simply the job. Given that AI takes care of the essential logical processing stuff, nowadays you don’t need cogs in a machine, you need skilled creatives who can riff and innovate like a world-class jazz band!

When it comes to top talent—that top 15% of your workforce drives exceptional results—the secret sauce is ‘fit’. Fit is about hiring people NOT like yourself that fit your business’s culture and mode of growth. Every organization has a unique culture framed by its levels of solidarity and sociability. Fast-growth businesses need people who constantly strive to do better, while mature firms need plodders who are just happy to get the job done and take their paycheck.

Find top talent in advance with talent pools 

The secret to good hiring is to find the talent you need before you need it, by using the appeal of your brand and career opportunities to engage people who, given the choice, would want to work for you. This is where talent pools come in.

Using a hiring platform like USTech Solutions’ Career Connector, businesses can curate talent pools to suit their hiring needs, then work with a partner like USTech Solutions to hire, manage and curate candidates, and maintain their engagement. 

Having created your talent pools, you will need to invest time in attracting the candidates through career sites, social media, attending career shows and events, etc. Of course, if you don’t want to do all this yourself, you can work with partners like USTech Solutions to act on your behalf. This means you’ll want to operate both private talent pools (exclusive to you) and public talent pools run by hiring firms offering a pool of ready-to-hire candidates.

When you create talent pools, you are creating a community. Like any community, it demands time and energy to keep the interest going, which can be distracting and time-consuming, so it’s worthwhile to have someone do that for you.

A major advantage of talent pools worthy of a mention is their ‘time to hire’ potential, as you can pre-qualify, pre-vet and essentially pre-flight candidates for onboarding so they can join your team quickly as needed. Candidates will always be prepared to step through a few hoops to get to the front of the hiring queue for top brands in the area they want to work for.

Benefits for Blue Collar Hiring 

The talent tech boom has largely overlooked blue-collar hiring.

Fast-paced blue-collar jobs with short work periods require agile scheduling. The sporadic nature of this work demands a more streamlined ‘hire to pay’ process.

Fortunately, for blue-collar hiring, modern tech solutions like Career Connector mobile apps are a lifeline. Easy to use and keeping your workforce connected, it puts your entire blue-collar team a tap away!

Learn about Blue Collar Hiring

Hiring technology: where to begin

Successful hiring requires a blend of partnerships and talent technology. As a leader in talent pool curation and talent systems, USTech Solutions can solve pretty much any talent dilemma you have.


Your hiring engine begins by taking stock of what talent you need, how much you should pay, and what talent exists out there. Think of SeeBeyond as your data sense-making engine. It shows a single version of the truth on talent needs and hiring performance, an essential component in your tool arsenal helping you win talent.

Explore SeeBeyond

Curated Talent Pool Partner

There’s no need to do all the heavy lifting of your ready-to-hire talent pool’s ‘design and build’. If you want to hire in under 30 days, you will need best-fit talent on the shelf, ready to deploy. That’s where a partnership with a Top 5 staffing partner comes in. USTech Solutions works with most of the top MSPs in North America and regularly wins awards as a high performer.

Discover USTech Solutions’ Curated Talent Pools

Career Connector

In the world of talent pools, think of Career Connector as your digital ecosystem that scans the talent pool for best-fit candidates—which it weighs and prioritizes, surfacing the best functional candidates, so your only job is to assess their acumen and cultural fit.

Career Connector is your conduit to talent, managing talent pools and enabling personalized interactions with candidates and hires.

Explore Career Connector

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