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How See Beyond Unlocks
Workforce Insights for Strategic


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By Jake Ellis

For optimal business performance, HR, talent, and procurement leaders must be able to make decisions using insights captured from the platforms they use. However, when data is fragmented across multiple systems (e.g., HRMS, VMS, ATS, performance platforms, etc.), critical insights become trapped. Siloed data leaves leaders in the dark, resulting in decisions being made based on guesswork and instinct, resulting in misaligned strategies, and missed opportunities for growth.

See Beyond, a talent insights platform, can empower HR, talent and procurement leaders to unlock the true potential of their workforce and transform workforce data into a strategic asset.

What is a Talent Insights Platform? 

A talent insights platform is a powerful analytics solution specifically designed to unlock the value of your workforce data. It acts as a central hub, pulling together information from various HR systems (like your ATS and performance tools) as well as external market sources. This consolidation provides a comprehensive, unified view of your entire workforce.

A talent insight platform frees data from the straitjacket of operational systems to make it  and reusable, employing advanced data visualization and predictive AI to uncover hidden patterns, trends, and relationships within your data.

Without releasing data from your incumbent systems, insights will be difficult (if not impossible) to identify through reporting. Importantly, a talent insights platform transforms complex findings into clear, actionable recommendations. This supports informed decision-making across critical areas like recruitment, compensation, skill development, and employee retention. User-friendly dashboards and reports simplify the visualization and communication of workforce metrics to stakeholders throughout your organization.

According a Gartner study, by 2025, 70% of HR data will be generated by AI or machine learning technologies.

What is See Beyond?

See Beyond is a game-changing cloud-based talent insights platform. Its role is to create a transparent ‘business intelligence membrane’ across your data silos to bring data together, cleanse and organize it and make it useful in a non-invasive way. It transforms the way your organization can understand and manage its workforce and talent supply chain.

This is achieved by delivering unprecedented clarity that empowers leaders to break free from the limitations of fragmented data. By seamlessly integrating information across disparate systems, See Beyond shatters data silos and establishes a single source of truth for all workforce analytics.

The platform’s capabilities extend far beyond data consolidation. See Beyond provides real-time access to critical labor market intelligence. This allows you to benchmark compensation, understand skills trends, and stay ahead of competitors in attracting top talent. Additionally, See Beyond’s analytics engine uncovers hidden costs within your talent spend, revealing opportunities for optimization and greater efficiency.

See Beyond can ‘see beyond’ traditional workforce metrics, offering insights into insurance programs, employee benefits, and readily available talent resources. Its insights play a critical role in shaping the future of the workplace, enabling organizations to strategically balance human expertise with AI-driven automation.

How See Beyond solves workforce data challenges

See Beyond tackles the complexities of workforce data through a systematic, four-stage approach.

Centralized data hub for your workforce

Step 1 – First, the platform acts as a powerful aggregator. It seamlessly harvests data from your existing HR systems, including your ATS, VMS, and other relevant sources. This eliminates the need for manual data extraction and creates a central repository of workforce information.

Uncover hidden connections

Step 2 – It organizes your data, forging the necessary linkages between data sets that don’t already exist. These are required to ‘ask anything of your data’ and to encourage users to be curious and ask new questions without the handcuffs of data crunching with spreadsheets.

Powerful predictive capabilities

Step 3 – Once data is organized and consolidated, See Beyond’s advanced analytics engine processes the data to reveal in-depth insights. The system identifies patterns, correlations, and relationships that might remain obscured within isolated systems. Crucially, See Beyond goes beyond descriptive analytics and actually employs predictive modeling. It forecasts workforce trends, anticipates potential risks, and highlights future budget implications.

Putting insights into action

Step 4 – This final stage delivers the most value. The platform translates complex findings into actionable insights. Intuitive dashboards, customizable reports, and interactive visualizations present information in a clear, digestible format. This empowers decision-makers across the organization to leverage data for strategic hiring, compensation adjustments, targeted skill development, and proactive retention initiatives.

That advantages that See Beyond brings 

See Beyond delivers a range of advantages that directly address the core challenges HR, procurement, and talent leaders face. The platform empowers organizations with a holistic view of their workforce. It goes beyond isolated data points, consolidating information to reveal the complete composition of your talent pool regarding skills, experience, and demographics.

A comprehensive understanding is essential for proactive skill development. See Beyond’s analytics pinpoints skills gaps and areas where you might be over-invested, enabling targeted upskilling and reskilling initiatives or strategic adjustments to your hiring strategy, ensuring your workforce remains aligned with your organization’s goals.

McKinsey report that companies that use workforce analytics extensively are 2.2 times more likely to have exceeded their financial targets than those that don’t use it all.

Access real-time labor market data, ensuring your compensation packages remain competitive

A data-driven approach is essential for attracting and retaining top talent in a dynamic market. Additionally, by analyzing turnover patterns, See Beyond helps you identify the root causes of attrition, allowing you to implement targeted strategies to improve employee satisfaction and reduce costly turnover.

See Beyond also optimizes your talent acquisition processes, providing insights into metrics like time-to-fill, cost per hire, and the effectiveness of different sourcing channels. Finally, the platform’s predictive capabilities support long-term workforce planning. It anticipates future needs based on factors like retirements, project pipelines, and market trends, allowing you to build a robust talent pool and mitigate potential skills shortages.

If your workforce data is scattered and incomplete, you’re operating at a significant disadvantage. See Beyond simplifies this complexity into clarity which is key to unlocking the full potential of your workforce.

With See Beyond, you’ll gain the insights needed to optimize your compensation strategy, pinpoint skills gaps, streamline hiring, and proactively address retention challenges, all in a user-friendly and convenient manner.

Experience the difference for yourself of seeing beyond dead spreadsheets and siloed data. Book a demo of See Beyond today and discover how data-driven insights can give you a decisive competitive edge in the talent market.