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Topic: Article Roundup

2023: A Year of Empowering Progress


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By Jake Ellis

As we reflect on 2023, USTech Solutions has been at the heart of two transformative trends shaping our industry, the critical push towards gender equality and the accelerated adoption of AI and automation. Our journey over the last year has led us to champion women in the workplace and making the most of new tech like AI.

Now, as we’re gearing up for the new year, we can’t wait to share the progress we’ve made. We’re talking real steps forward in making sure men and women are on equal footing at work, and smart ways we’re weaving AI into the services we provide. Here’s to a year of learning, growing, and looking forward to a future full of promise.

Gender Equality and Inclusivity

The first of the two biggest trends that have made our journey this year is gender, equality and inclusivity. We’ve spent the last year focusing on championing women in the workplace.

Bird's eye view of a working mother holding a baby and looking at a laptop screen

Why women aren’t returning to the workplace

In this article, we unearthed deeper-rooted issues such as the persistent wage gap, the motherhood penalty, and the crucial need for adaptable work settings. Our findings revealed a multitude of reasons hindering women’s re-entry, ranging from the weight of caregiving responsibilities to burnout and navigating the complexities of menopause. Moreover, we emphasized the detrimental effects of the motherhood penalty and promotion gaps, which impede both career progression and the financial stability of households led by women.

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Hybrid working woman working from home

The hybrid work bias and how it affects women

This article focused on hybrid work models, highlighting the emergence of proximity bias as a challenge. This bias favors office-based work, potentially disadvantaging remote workers, especially women, by limiting their access to crucial opportunities. We delved into statistics showcasing women’s inclination towards hybrid work and the subsequent career obstacles they encounter, emphasizing that it’s not just about location but also about the disparity in recognition and promotions for women working remotely compared to their male counterparts.

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Excited couple looking at pregnancy test

A quick guide to fertility benefits in the workplace

In September, our attention turned to fertility support as a growing aspect of workplace benefits. Beyond aiding in starting families, these benefits encompass a wider spectrum of health and well-being. The demand for such support is evident, significantly influencing workers’ decisions about employment. Reflecting on this, it’s clear that offering fertility benefits extends beyond being a perk; it signifies a company’s values and commitment to supporting employees throughout various life stages.

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Discover how USTech Solutions is helping women return to work after an extended career break

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Women at work

The Rise of AI and Automation

The second trend that changed our journey in 2023 was the rise of AI and automation in workplace practices. This caused organisations like ourselves to not only think about what jobs AI can do to help streamline our work, but also how we can help our workers’ creativity shine as we move towards an age of automation.

Futuristic touchscreen selector slider of candidates, talent sourcing, recruitment outsourcing

HR Chatbots: the Future of Workforce Recruitment and Management

Our article delved into AI and automation’s profound impact on HR, specifically through the implementation of chatbots for recruitment and workforce management. These chatbots offer efficiency gains by swiftly handling queries and tasks with unmatched speed and consistency compared to human counterparts. They streamline administrative duties, managing candidate inquiries, interviews, onboarding processes, and routine workforce inquiries. This technological advancement is reshaping traditional HR roles, signaling a move toward an increasingly automated future.

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Bird's eye view of a working mother holding a baby and looking at a laptop screen

Where does AI go next in businesses like yours?

In this article, we reevaluated AI’s widespread adoption, shifting our focus to practical applications rather than hype. Our perspective expanded AI from a singular force to a diverse toolkit with varied business impacts. We emphasized integrating AI thoughtfully into our strategies, aiming for a proactive approach that values human-centricity. For us at US Tech Solutions, this reflection isn’t just about embracing new tech but refining our workforce strategy by using AI to amplify human creativity and strategic thinking, liberating them from routine tasks.

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Final thoughts

As we close out 2023, we carry lessons from advancing gender equality and integrating AI into our practices. From understanding women’s challenges in re-entering the workforce to AI reshaping job landscapes, we’ve addressed pivotal issues.

Armed with these insights, we’re poised to seize opportunities in a future driven by technology and inclusivity.

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