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inverting the pyramid

Reimagine your talent sourcing process

Build ready-to-hire talent pools before requirements emerge, with AI-powered direct sourcing.

Hire faster

Accelerate your time-to-hire, access top talent instantly

Better talent

Pre-vetted talent pool guarantees a perfect match

Lower risk

Navigate talent complexities with expert partners

Cost savings

Cut agency fees while filling vacancies faster

Boost agility

Adapt to changing markets before the competition

Image depicting the talent hiring process</p>
<p>Traditional<br />
1.Position opens up<br />
2.Talent sees posting, applies, is interviewed and vetted, in the shortest possible timeframe.<br />
3.The best prospect is eventually hired</p>
<p>Inverted<br />
1.Talent is curated, engaged and pooled<br />
2.Talent is sorted for suitability<br />
3.Talent is hired when the perfect job opens up

Invert your hiring pyramid, access talent faster

Revolutionise your hiring process from the top down by harnessing AI automation, direct sourcing platforms and curated talent pools.

Instead of identifying a requirement, then looking for talent, new AI-powered direct sourcing tools enable you work with supply chain partners to build curated talent pools that make talent available on-demand.

Deliver unparalleled candidate experiences

In the hiring process, every touchpoint matters. The candidate journey shapes their impression of your company.

AI-powered direct sourcing platforms like SeeBeyond enable you to deliver personalized, regular communications to 1000s of job seekers, targeting them on their preferred channels, adapted and tailored to specific audiences. 

your talent toolkit

What you’ll need

Recruitment agencies are a thing of the past. Talent curation partners replace agencies with a streamlined, results-driven approach, delivering talent faster.

Talent Recruitment Leader

Responsible for managing your business, their focus has shifted from outreach to candidate experience and public talent pool relationships.

Talent Curators

Workforce partners curating talent pools, supplying niche talent, either exclusively to you or to a community of clients.

Direct Sourcing platforms

Your all-in-one hiring platform: talent pools, marketplace, data visualization & AI automation tools.

Vendor Management System

VMS manages the hire-to-pay process, including relationship management, performance and scorecards for suppliers in your hiring network.

Talent Data Fabric

The system manages the umbrella layer of federated data across your talent systems, curates data and makes it useful to analytics tools, AI-bots and apps.

Reimagine hiring with 

AI-powered direct sourcing