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Topic: Artificial Intelligence

Reinventing Human: Thriving in the Age of Automation​


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By Ian C. Tomlin

When USTech Solutions talks about ‘Reinventing Human,’ what do we mean? In this article, we explain the concept of RH and why it’s the secret sauce in rightsizing your workforce for digital business.

AI is reinventing human

The traditional view of workers as interchangeable parts in a machine is rapidly becoming obsolete. The digital revolution, fueled by artificial intelligence, is transforming the workplace at an unprecedented pace. While some fear AI taking over jobs, the reality paints a different picture. As a 2022 McKinsey report highlights, “AI is not here to replace us, but to augment us.” Just like the calculator didn’t eliminate the need for mathematicians, AI will redefine how we work, not render us irrelevant. 

This transformation coincides with a critical global talent shortage. The World Economic Forum’s 2020 Future of Jobs Report estimated that by 2025, automation could displace a staggering 85 million jobs, emphasizing the need to move beyond the outdated “human cog in the machine” mentality and embrace a more strategic approach. 

The widespread shift to remote work during the pandemic changed our approach to work, blurring the lines between professional and personal lives, fostering a more human-centric work environment. This cultural shift highlighted the importance of building workplaces that value diversity, empathy, and emotional intelligence—qualities that AI currently lacks. 

So, how do we navigate this exciting new chapter of digital business?  

The point, says Manoj Agarwal, President of USTech Solutions, INC. is this: Reinventing human is necessary to reorientate strategies for resourcing, growth, and competitive advantage by adopting an alternative lens; the new lens of Reinventing Human. 

Three key pillars of this strategy are: 

1. Human : machine synergy through collaboration

The true magic of human-machine working lies in unlocking the combined potential of humans and AI. Humans bring creativity, social intelligence, and problem-solving skills, while AI excels at data analysis and automation. Imagine humans as the captains of the ship, steering with their unique talents and instincts, while AI acts as both a powerful motor of automation and an insightful watchtower lookout.  

USTech Solutions’ next-generation AI-powered talent platform—Career Connector—includes the latest AI co-pilot technology and is available to subscribe to today.

Our SeeBeyond data fabric platform offers a painless and timely mechanism to quickly build a baseline understanding of performance to know what gaps exist in the current approach, the net gain potentially implementing a Reinvent Human strategy, and—when change programs are implemented—this baseline data forms the building block of evidencing the ROI of the change program.

2. Human sourcing, not scaling  

An aspect of Reinventing Human is not to see full-time employees as THE ONLY option when a sea of ‘ready to work’ talent exists beyond the enterprise’s firewall Instead of adding more full-time employees to the workforce which results in poor agility, businesses rely ever more on an external workforce, which is plentiful and equipped to deliver talent on demand.

USTech Solutions is pioneering service packages to support organizations looking to ‘invert their hiring pyramid’ aka reimagine their talent sourcing process by curating talent pools of candidates before requirements emerge. Our CIPD and CCWP-certified consultants are on hand to guide you through the change agenda to maximize the rewards of a Reinventing Human strategy.

3. Embracing the human touch

While robots are be able to code, they can’t build trust with clients or inspire their colleagues. One major advantage that humans possess over machines is our ingenuity; machines are limited by their programming and struggle with tasks requiring genuine creativity.

This advantage is to become the major battleground for talent in the future, as businesses seek out people that ‘think differently’ to maximize their ideation, creativity, digital dexterity, and productivity.

As we embrace technology, it’s vital to remember the irreplaceable value of human connection. Fostering a work environment that celebrates diversity, emotional intelligence, and collaboration will be crucial.

(Learn more about diversity—and neurodiversity—talent pools) 


Reinventing Human isn’t about discarding what makes us human. It’s about embracing technology as a powerful tool, equipping our workforce for the future, and recognizing the enduring value of human connection in a digital world. 

As author Yuval Noah Harari emphasizes in his book Homo Deus: A Brief History of Tomorrow, the key lies in “combining human and machine intelligence into a single, hybrid intelligence.” This human advantage will be the cornerstone of a thriving future for work and society at large.

USTech Solutions partners with HR leaders seeking to re-examine their strategy towards Reinventing Human.  

To learn more, get in touch. 

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