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Statement of Work (SOW) defines project scope, deliverables, and timelines. But for busy project leaders, the SOW is far more than just a document. It’s a strategic tool that can ensure project success, enabling you to source best-fit, value-for-money services from a large pool of independent contractors. Get work done faster, with greatly reduced employment risks.

As an MSP, we have extensive experience writing and managing comprehensive SOWs and integrating them into a broader talent management strategy for top global brands, helping them unlock a range of benefits.

What are the benefits of SOW?

Comprehensive visibility

Gain a real-time, centralized view of all your SOWs, enabling strategic decision-making.

Boost productivity

Gain organizational efficiencies by streamlining project management through centralized processes.

Transparent spend

Track deliverables and payments seamlessly, ensuring clear visibility into your total SOW spend.


We’re there to provide the help you need, including dispute resolution.

Regulate compliance

Ensure consistent application of your company policies and procedures across all SOW activities.

Cost optimization

Leverage competitive sourcing for specific projects, securing cost savings.

Stop scope creep

Clearly definine the project boundaries, preventing unauthorized additions.

Easy evaluation

Defined deliverables = fair and objective assessments for everyone involved.

What makes SOWs so great?

Supercharge your communication

Set clear expectations

SOW provides a single source of truth, eliminating ambiguity and preventing misunderstandings.

Boost stakeholder confidence

A clear SOW instills trust in clients and team members, fostering smoother collaboration.

Facilitate effective reporting

With defined deliverables and milestones, progress tracking becomes effortless.

Tame scope creep, unleash success

Draw the line, firmly and fairly

SOWs shield against scope creep, allowing you to decline unapproved changes that threaten budget and deadlines confidently.

Navigate change with ease

When changes arise, the SOW provides a framework for managing them transparently, ensuring fair adjustments to costs and timelines.

Minimize risk, maximize control

A well-crafted SOW mitigates risks associated with project creep.

Elevate project management efficiency

Streamline onboarding and delegation

Share SOWs with new team members or external partners for instant clarity on project goals and expectations.

Simplify performance reviews

Align performance evaluations with clearly defined deliverables within the SOW, ensuring objective and transparent assessments.

Fuel project planning accuracy

SOWs help create realistic project plans and resource allocation strategies.

Frequently asked questions

What is a Statement of Work (SOW)?

A Statement of Work (SOW) is a formal document that outlines the scope of work for a project between a client and a service provider. It details the specific deliverables, timeline, costs, and responsibilities of each party involved.

In essence, the SOW works as a communication bridge between the client and service provider, promoting transparency and accountability for a successful project.

What's included in a Statement of Work?

  • Key Details: Project title, current date, details of involved parties, such as the project manager, contractor/vendor and other key project staff.
  • Project description: A clear and concise description of the project, its goals and objectives.
  • Deliverables: A detailed list of the specific outputs expected from the project, including formats and deadlines.
  • Timeline: A defined timeframe for completing the project, including milestones and deadlines for key deliverables.
  • Costs: A breakdown of the total project cost, including fees, materials, and any additional expenses.
  • Roles and responsibilities: A clear definition of the roles and responsibilities for both the client and the service provider. This includes communication channels, approval processes, and dispute resolution mechanisms.
  • Termination clause: An outline of the conditions under which the project can be terminated by either party.

Who is responsible for drafting the SOW?

A Statement of Work (SOW) is a collaborative document created by both the client/service provider and the company.

  • The client/service provider’s project manager typically drafts the initial SOW, usually with input from other team members.
  • The company then reviews and approves the SOW, likely involving multiple high-level staff.
  • One key contact person from the company will typically take the lead throughout the project.

This collaborative approach ensures a clear understanding of the project expectations for all parties involved.

Can the SOW be changed once it is signed?

Yes, a SOW can be modified after it’s signed. Both the client and service provider need to agree on changes through a formal amendment called a “change order.” This becomes part of the legal contract and should detail the specific changes and any impact on the project timeline, costs, or deliverables.

Reasons for amending an SOW include factors like evolving project requirements, unexpected challenges, or lack of clarity. Amendments allow both parties to adjust the project plan accordingly.

Although flexibility exists, frequent changes can disrupt flow and increase costs. The ideal scenario is a clear and comprehensive SOW from the outset, but the change order process allows for necessary adjustments along the way.

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