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Topic: contingent staffing

Curated Talent Pools in the Most In-demand Industries


5 minute read

By Ian C. Tomlin

As a major provider of diverse talent to the North American talent industry, USTech Solutions has over two decades of experience serving Fortune 500 companies and contributing to the hiring pools of major brands.

We’ve curated these in-demand pools of top talent to connect job seekers with hirers from big brands looking for top candidates.

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1. ND Nerds (Neurodiversity)

Think outside the box? See the world in a unique light? Embrace your unique strengths and join the ND Nerds! We celebrate the power of diverse perspectives and believe neurodiversity brings a wealth of strengths to the workplace.

Join a supportive community that:

  • Recognizes your distinct skills. Attention to detail, pattern recognition, and creative problem-solving are just a few examples of neurodiverse strengths.
  • Connects you with companies that embrace neurodiversity.
  • Provides a platform for your growth.

Ready to unleash your potential? Register for our Neurodiversity Talent Pool!

2. Green Gurus (Green Industries)

Do you dream of finding fulfilling green jobs that align with your values and aspirations? We connect passionate individuals with companies at the forefront of environmental progress, helping you cultivate a rewarding career that benefits both the environment and your future. Join us and become a part of the solution. 

3. Star Chasers (Aerospace Engineering)

Do you dream of pushing the boundaries of space exploration? Launch your career in our Aerospace Engineering Talent Pool!

We connect passionate individuals with companies at the forefront of aerospace innovation. Here, you’ll develop the skills and knowledge to design the next generation of spacecraft and explore the unknown.

We’ll help you find a career that ignites your curiosity and lets you reach for the stars. Join our Star Chaser talent pool and reach for the stars! 

4. Healing Heroes (Healthcare)

Do you have a passion for helping others? The Healing Heroes are dedicated to making a difference in people’s lives. We offer a multitude of paths within healthcare, from cutting-edge research to compassionate patient care. Join our talent pool and we’ll support you in building a fulfilling career that heals the world. 

5. Machine Minds (AI)

Are you fascinated by the potential of artificial intelligence? The Machine Minds are at the forefront of this technological revolution! We’ll challenge you to push the boundaries of AI and develop solutions that shape the future. If you’re a creative thinker with a passion for technology, this is your chance to join a community of brilliant minds and be a part of something groundbreaking. 

6. Wrench Revolutionists (Blue-Collar)

Do you have a knack for fixing things and a desire to build with your hands? The Wrench Revolutionists are the backbone of our world! We celebrate the skilled trades and offer opportunities to hone your craft and become a master of your domain. Join our movement and help us build a better future, one project at a time. We’ll equip you with the tools and knowledge to have a rewarding, hands-on career. 

7. Digital Renegades (IT & Digital Transformation)

Are you a tech whiz who thrives on innovation? The Digital Renegades are disrupting the status quo and shaping the digital landscape! If you love coding, design, or anything digital, this is your chance to join a team of people who are passionate about the future of technology. We’ll challenge you to think outside the box and build a career that excites you. 

8. Molecule Masters (Pharma and Biosciences)

Are you curious about the building blocks of life? The Molecule Masters are unlocking the mysteries of the natural world! If you have a fascination with medicine, agriculture, microbiology, or genetic research, this is your chance to be at the forefront of scientific breakthroughs. We’ll provide you with the resources and mentorship to become a leader in the world of pharmaceuticals and biosciences. 

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