Need help returning to work after an extended career break?

Whether it’s due to a career transition or maternity leave, our aim is to create a pathway for women to reclaim their careers with confidence and thrive in the workplace. We’re here to provide the resources and support to help women navigate the challenges of returning to work.

Helping you rejoin the workforce

The cost of childcare, lack of flexibility in managerial roles, and other barriers make returning to full-time work impossible for many women. As a result, more women are choosing to work part-time in less paid administrative roles or cut their maternity leave short to return to the same level job. We believe there’s a better way.

Our commitment

As a minority-owned business and a ‘Diversity Supplier of the Year’ in 2023, we are committed to combating discrimination and gender inequality in the workplace. As a part of our DEI initiatives, we are working with employers and career returners to facilitate women’s return to work, with a focus on placing them in supportive environments. Businesses need to do better. And it begins here.


of women go back to full-time after having children, of which 79% ended up leaving due to not being able to maintain a full-time role alongside having a baby


of women want to go back to work after they have children


reduction in women in managerial roles after starting a family, with a corresponding 44% increase of women in admin roles

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