How do you minimize IT resource spend when demand for top talent is outstripping supply?

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You might be wondering how to cut indirect spend while finding the top digital talent you need

When we say to Chief Purchasing Officers (CPOs) that there is a way to resource their IT projects that can actually save them money in the present climate, it’s small wonder we get some curious looks.

This, at a time when demand for skilled IT talent is far outstripping supply—and leading to an inevitable spike in salaries and hiring rates.

It’s not that we have unraveled the mysteries of the orient or discovered a new science.  

The simple fact is that IT resourcing today is all about access to the right talent.  And much of that IT talent is as easily available to Tier-2 IT partners, like USTECH SOLUTIONS, as it is the Tier-1 vendors we compete with.

The difference is, those companies we compete with add an enormous surcharge to your bill for their brand.

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According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, over the past three months, another 43,200 new jobs have been added to IT job market in the US, a pace of expansion that exceeds the same period in 2021.  

Instantly tap into the same top quality IT talent that Tier-1 providers offer at reduced rates without compromizing on quality or results

Enjoy a senior executive single point of contact for the duration of your relationship with us

Gain access one of the world’s largest global IT talent pools (over 13 million available candidates and rising)

Work with a company that has a decade of successful IT project experience, and a Gold partner of Microsoft, Oracle and SAP

Have the confidence to know that you are partnering with an ISO certified quality assured partner that adopts good behaviors by design

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