What is lo-no software and why is it becoming popular in enterprise software development?

What is lo-no code software?

Lo-no code software (‘lo-no software’) is a short-hand description for low-code or no-code software development methods and tools.

Where it has come from

lo-no code software development is made possible by enterprise application-Platform-as-a-Service (aPaaS) software platforms. They remove the need for coding or scripting as part of the process of designing, deploying and operating enterprise software applications.

How lo-no software works

The removal of manual programming tasks is made possible through automation and the use of wizards and design element property configuration tools that allow designers to specify the application design, logic and User Interface (UX) without needing to resort to programming.

Adoption drivers

lo-no code software design has grown in popularity as organizations have come to recognize the slow-pace of software development resulting from the use of manual programming of applications.

Types of lo-no software

While low-code applications reduce the amount of programming required to author an application, no-code solutions remove the need for programming completely, using data integrations to facilitate the embedding of third-party tools and data sources.

Codeless software, like encanvas, is software that removes the need for programming AND the visibility of code or script in the authoring process. This helps users and stakeholders to participate in software developments and removes the barrier that exists between ‘IT’ and ‘the business.’

Is lo-no coding software a threat to the programming discipline?

Some IT industry commentators argue that lo-no code software represents a step towards the computer authoring of software applications and the eradication of the software programming discipline that employs thousands of people around the world. In reality, lo-no coding software removes the tedious and mundane software development tasks (like specifying buttons or creating database forms) that generally software programmers don’t want to spend their time doing. They will normally include data integrations to allow advanced programming components (like DLLs, algorithms, Jscript data visualizations, and artificial intelligence etc.) to be embedded into the lo-no code design and operational framework.

About Encanvas

Encanvas is an enterprise software company that specializes in helping businesses to create above and beyond customer experiences.

From Low Code to Codeless

Better than code-lite and low-code, we created the first no code (codeless) enterprise application platform to release creative minds from the torture of having to code or script applications.

Live Wireframe

Use Encanvas in your software development lifecycle to remove the barrier between IT and the business. Coding and scripting is the biggest reason why software development has been traditionally unpredictable, costly and unable to produce best-fit software results. Encanvas uniquely automates coding and scripting. Our live wireframing approach means that business analysts can create the apps you need in workshops, working across the desk with users and stakeholders.


When it comes to creating apps to create a data culture and orchestrate your business model, there’s no simpler way to instal and operate your enterprise software platform than AppFabric. Every application you create on AppFabric adds yet more data to your single-version-of-the-truth data insights. That’s because, we’ve designed AppFabric to create awesome enterprise apps that use a common data management substrate, so you can architect and implement an enterprise master data management plan.

Customer Data Platform

Encanvas supplies a private-cloud Customer Data Platform that equips businesses with the means to harvest their customer and commercial data from all sources, cleanse and organize it, and provide tooling to leverage its fullest value in a secure, regulated way. We provide a retrofittable solution that bridges across existing data repositories and cleanses and organizes data to present a useful data source. Then it goes on to make data available 24×7 in a regulated way to authorized internal stakeholders and third parties to ensure adherence to data protection and FCA regulatory standards.

Encanvas Secure&Live

Encanvas Secure and Live (‘Secure&Live’) is a High-Productivity application Platform-as-a-Service. It’s an enterprise applications software platform that equips businesses with the tools they need to design, deploy applications at low cost. It achieves this by removing coding and scripting tasks and the overheads of programming applications. Unlike its rivals, Encanvas Secure&Live is completely codeless (not just Low-Code), so it removes the barriers between IT and the business. Today, you just need to know that it’s the fastest (and safest) way to design, deploy and operate enterprise applications.

Learn more by visiting www.encanvas.com.

The Author

Ian Tomlin is a management consultant and strategist specializing in helping organizational leadership teams to grow by telling their story, designing and orchestrating their business models, and making conversation with customers and communities. He serves on the management team of Encanvas and works as a virtual CMO and board adviser for tech companies in Europe, America and Canada. He can be contacted via his LinkedIn profile or follow him on Twitter.

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