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Direct Sourcing

One of the biggest changes to the talent sourcing landscape over the past decade has been the use of social media and digital job boards by organizations to serve themselves with talent.  Learn about Direct Sourcing and how your business can benefit.





Talent trends in 2022

What are the top talent trends to expect in 2022?  Check our our latest article to get ahead of the game.


diverse thinking in the workplace

Diverse thinking in the workplace

The latest article from Forbes Technology Council is written by our CPO, Vivek Bedi, who introduces some challenging and thought-provoking perspectives on diverse-thinking in the workplace.


Remote Work Has Shown a Spike in Productivity—But What About Collaboration?

In this article, we ask whether offices will become obsolete, and if work from home is here to stay. If so, what impact will long-term remote working have on team productivity?

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