Total Talent Sourcing with Global Reach

How we achieve contingent talent sourcing results through a blended onshore and offshore sourcing approach

The new era of talent sourcing

At the turn of the last century, companies were accustomed to finding workers through full-time employment contracts.  The notion of a freelancer or temp staff fulfilment was largely to fill gaps in workforce resourcing brought about by extended periods of staff absence, or the need to find expert skills demanded to satisfy short-term requirements.

Not today.

The talent industry has been turned on its head by the arrival of the gig economy.  Today, 1 in 3 roles are fulfilled by a contracted workforce.  This has turned the recruitment industry on its head.  In 2022, it is the experienced individuals who holds the trump card in the the power battle between job seekers and providers.  Finding and managing talent has been more difficult and carry more risks.

This is why companies are turning to talent expert suppliers with a global reach, like USTECH SOLUTIONS, to find and manage the experienced top quality talent they need. 

We were one of the first suppliers to innovate an ONSHORE / OFFSHORE blended resourcing model to dovetail into a total talent sourcing approach that envelopes both full-time (W2) and contracted (1099) workers.  Learn more about it in this guide.


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Our Blended Onshore and Offshore Approach


At first glance, every contingent staffing supplier might appear the same. Work with USTECH SOLUTIONS, you will soon realize that’s not the case.

For two decades, we’ve been winning awards as a successful and fast-growing staffing company. We became a global business within two years. And, with a client retention rate of 97%, we’ve consistently built on our reputation for delivering results.  Mapped on to our passion for finding new work-life adventures for the individuals we place, comes with it a set of unique qualities that make us stand out.  A key construct of what makes us different is our ONSHORE / OFFSHORE blended approach to total talent sourcing. In this guide, we describe how we uniquely make this talent sourcing approach work.

A diversity supplier

The first thing to say is that US Tech Solutions is a diversity supplier and this culture is essential for making any hybrid international sourcing model work.  Embracing diversity means that we look longer and wider for talent, tapping into all the dimensions of human type and spirit.  Furthermore, we operate a diversity-rich corporate culture that celebrates the differences between the many and varied backgrounds of the people you will meet in each of our offices around the world.  Could you make a hybrid Onshore/Offshore resourcing model work without embracing diversity?  Probably not.

Appreciating when offshore works

For both client and provider, there are advantages to being on the spot, in the locality, on the doorstep.  Partly, it’s about knowing the people and the job market in the local area, understanding the demand and supplier drivers in play, and the local culture.  It’s also about Knowing the Business (KYB) pf the client; developing personal relationships with hiring managers, procurement and HR teams–and forming a level of understanding on the future direction of the client organization, so that future talent needs can be anticipated.

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When offshore works well

There are roles that benefit being deployed offshore.  These are functions like recruitment outreach, credentials vetting, legal, and IT, where a paucity of expert talent is available beyond local shores, and operational economies can be realized with zero impact on operational coherency, etc.

The always-on operating model

Use of offshore teams operating across a broader range of timezones makes it simpler to implement 24×7 services.  For example, at USTECH SOLUTIONS, we are working to fill vacancies around the clock, achieving client outcomes faster, thanks to our blended onshore and offshore teams.

Optimized by technology

While we work smart with people power, we also fully utilize technology to fine-tune back-office processes, mitigate mundane manual tasks, and to keep our remote and local teams on the same page.  We lever the advantages of AI, RPA, chatbots, and other digital innovations to only assign human resources to the roles where they are needed. 

Is a blended ONSHORE / OFFSHORE total talent sourcing model right for you?  Is it too costly for your business?  Do your talent needs justify a hybrid approach?  Get the answers to your questions by talking to one of our workforce management consultants.

 Some of the challenges we’ve overcome


It’s not that easy to make a blended onshore / offshore sourcing approach work

We might make it look easy, but the promise of onshore / offshore program performance is not easily achieved.  In this section we uncover some of the challenges that every supplier that attempts to offer a blended onshore / offshore model will face.

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Overcoming the managerial challenges

Keeping everyone focused on outcomes, and working on the same page isn’t straightforward when your team is geographically dispersed.  Transitions from one team to the next during the course of a 24×7 working day can become disjointed.  For this reason, USTECH SOLUTIONS has developed its own back-office software tooling linked to performance management metrics.  This, we combine with an effective Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system and set of operating protocols to keep programs on-track, and clients informed.

Challenging the norm

When USTECH SOLUTIONS innovated its blended onsite /offsite service model for contingent labor talent sourcing, it was a rare commodity.  And, while more suppliers have recently jumped on the bandwagon, there remains a level of skepticism of the efficacy of the approach. This partly comes down to a lack of understanding on how the model works. Like any business innovation, habits and attitudes in the boardroom take time to adjust to a new operating model when it impacts on the organizational design (and management accountabilities) of the requesting management team.

Optimizing balances

The blended ONSHORE / OFFSHORE sourcing model is about optimizing balances–to focus local resources in areas where they maximize the value of being local, while tapping into expert offshore talent where it’s needed; all underpinned by a unifying technology substrate that automates every non-critical task that can be better performed by machines.

Embracing differences

Here we come back to the diversity factor:  It’s vital that the company culture of the managing organization respects the differences that a blended operating model dictates, avoids ‘us and them’ attitudes, and eradicates any voice in the organizations that sees offshoring teams as an operational disadvantage for whatever reason.  Success is about identifying the best actor for every role and task without prejudice.

Maintaining a 'personal' client focus

Any individual working remotely is at risk of falling outside the ‘in the know’ community.  Imagine, then, how challenging it can be to keep whole teams of remote workers ‘engaged and passionate’ about the outcomes of their clients’ mission.  We meet this challenge through regular client meetings, frequent update sessions, and workforce training, to make sure our people understand that client outcomes are what drive us.

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