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Chloe Mumford

IT resourcing

The world of work is forever adapting, and with that so should employers. However, this is sometimes not the case, and employers are often late to the game. One way to get ahead now is to deliver your next IT projects with homeworkers.

COVID-19 unleashed an experiment many of us weren’t prepared for – working from home. Although, it has now become the norm and several workers prefer it. In the American Opportunity Survey conducted by McKinsey, they found that 65% of respondents say they would be willing to work from home all of the time. Likewise, in the computer and mathematical industries, 77 percent report being willing to work fully remotely. Therefore, there is a clear preference for it.

What does this mean for you?

If you want the best IT talent, to put it plainly you need flexible resourcing. Flexible working is practical and is one of the reasons why so many people work from home. Having a flexible resourcing model means that you can outsource talent, only when it’s necessary to you – which in turn is way cheaper.

Not to stereotype but most people in IT have the sort of personality that means that they thrive while working from home. It allows them to put their head down, and work at the times that suit them without any distractions or any small talk. Hence why it’s ever so important that your next IT project is with a homeworker.

The benefits it will bring

Having your next IT project with a homeworker will provide you and the worker with immense benefits, so let’s discuss….

1. Workers will be happier

A study by Forbes found that working from home increases happiness by 20%. This is clearly a benefit for workers, but you may be thinking how is this going to benefit me the employer? Well, an increase in happiness = an increase in productivity. Another study discovered that happy workers are 20% more productive than unhappy workers. So, it not only benefits the worker but also you. It’s a win-win.

2. Workers are often well educated

People with higher levels of education are more likely to work from home, meaning that you can acquire better-educated workers by hiring home workers. 69% of women and 67% of men with a bachelor’s degree or a higher level of education did some or most of their work from home in 2021.

3. You can draw top talent away from other employers

There is a clear desire for full-time workers to work from home, and shift to the contingent workforce. Therefore, you can entice full-time office workers to instead work from home. If they’re a worker you already want to conduct your project, having the flexibility will make them want to work for you more.

4. You can pay on results

Having a statement of work (SOW) contract allows you to pay for the results, rather than the hour worked. Which in turn could save you a great deal of money. It turns it into a ‘job to be done’ for workers and ensures that they’re productive. We’re big advocates for SOW, as they could give you the control you need.

Final thoughts

Overall, there are clear benefits to hiring homeworkers to do your next IT project. COVID-19 changed the game, but with that adapting is required. More people are now wanting to work from home, and acquiring homeworkers not only provides benefits for them, but also for you. Moreover, having a statement of work is needed to protect the amount you’re paying, and will give you the control you need when hiring homeworkers for IT projects.