Why choose us for your next IT project?

We have what it takes to deliver time-critical IT project outcomes, serving some of the largest global brands for 20+ years. We can help deliver exceptional results for your next project.

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Experts in Agile IT (Scrum) Project & ITIL Application Lifecycle Delivery


Proven Track Record – decade of large-scale IT project experience

A global talent pool of 10+ million Professionals

24/7 Global Delivery Model

We have what it takes to deliver world-class results

The future of IT is people-first

No digital transformation, automation or technology rationalization project can succeed without the talent to resource it.

The biggest roadblock to project success is finding the right talent. It makes sense to work with a company experienced in providing best-fit talent on demand.

We’re a leading Tier-2 IT Services company

Many of our existing clients are Fortune 500 companies that once partnered with Tier-1 companies. Working with us, they discovered they can achieve better results by tapping into the same high quality IT talent at a more affordable price.

We won’t hand your account over to a B-team

We’ve all been there before. You get the ‘A-Team’ of a Tier-1 provider pitching for your business, only to find, once the ink has dried on the contract, it’s the B-team that takes over your account.

Not us. Our commitment is that every account has (and retains) a top executive point of contact for the life of your relationship with us.

A track-record of project delivery

We have a decade of large-scale IT project experience, from simple mobile apps to pan-regional portals and everything in between.

We pride ourselves on our record of on-time, on-budget delivery with zero compromise on quality, or service experience.

Global footprint

Our delivery centers across North America, Europe and Asia combine to serve clients with a joined-up 24/7 delivery approach that blends on-site resourcing with offshore economies.

We’re a highly responsive business, thanks to our outcomes-based focus and flat management structure

Our outstanding Account teams possess deep experience in IT project delivery, spanning subjects that range from departmental spreadsheet replacement projects to enterprise CRM, ERP and Mobility, all the way to the metaverse.

We bring you access to one of the largest tech private talent pools on the planet

Talent comes in many forms and exists in pockets around the world.

As a global talent company, for over a decade, we’ve amassed a huge community of IT professional talent, giving you the means to tap into the very best talent on-demand.

Diversity is key to our success

Visit any one of our offices and you will meet people from around the world, from various backgrounds, nationalities and origins.

The rich tapestry of our workforce fuels our innovation, creates a dynamic workplace, and builds on our belief that there’s always more than one way to get things done.

We’re a quality organization by design

We adopt a ‘good behaviors by design’ approach to quality, diversity, data security, data privacy and customer service that our clients value.

We’re in business for the right reasons

USTech Solutions was founded by Manoj Agarwal in 2000. A serial entrepreneur, Manoj has always believed that meaningful work is the key to well-being. It gives us purpose, fuels health and happiness. We retain those empowering values in our work culture and ethos.

Our Talent. Your Results.

USTech Solutions has been delivering successful talent acquisition and governance programs results for 85 of the Fortune 500 across various industries, for 20+ years.

Organizations rely on us to service their on-demand talent and flexible workforce requirements. Our talent sourcing and management services employ best-in-class methods and proprietary tools to find the best match between resourcing requirements and project fulfillment.