Achieving an immersive customer experience

The total size of the Metaverse market size exceeds $47bn (with around $10bn out of this committed by Meta itself).

Think Metaverse is a topic for next year’s agenda? You’d be wrong.

Improve Customer Experience

through metaverse immersive engagement experiences

Win the Battle for Talent

with metaverse immersive onboarding solutions

Showcase your Offerings

with metaverse exhibitions, showrooms and interactive product experiences

Cut Asset Maintenance Costs

by remotely performing tasks using AR/VR technologies

Deliver quality outcomes

through Statement-of-Work metaverse contractor provisioning

Profiting from Immersive Experiences Everywhere (IEE)

Our expert IEE team brings the metaverse one step closer to reality for businesses around the world. Embedded into the metaverse paradigm are a string of specialist subjects and for each of these resourcing areas we operate a dedicated solutions resourcing team.

Augmented Reality

Virtual Reality

Artificial Intelligence

NFT Services

Blockchain Services

3D Services

Gaming Services

An Advisory Partner with Global Reach

USTECH SOLUTIONS is a Metaverse delivery partner

serving over 20% of the Fortune 500

–  Decentralized platform development

–  Metaverse marketplace development

–  Non-fungile development and integration

–  3D space development

–  Metaverse app development

 What does the Metaverse mean to your business?

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