What does Digital Transformation mean to business and IT leaders in 2023?

We asked ten of the brightest minds the outlook for digital transformation in the coming year. This is what they had to say.

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About this report

Few could argue that digital technology is transforming our world. From AI-powered chatbots that can hold a conversation, to cloud computing and the relentless scaling of data volumes, no company can ignore the impact of digital on business models and working practices. As a facilitator of change, every day USTECH SOLUTIONS is leveraging its gigantic talent resourcing engine to deliver top talent at scale to the largest consumers of people resources.

We are delighted to be the primary sponsor of this special report on Digital Transformation in 2023. Through it, we look to impart insights on what ‘digital’ truly means in 2023, signposting the critical skills that you are likely to call on us to deliver to drive your business growth in the coming year. I hope you find its contents as thought-provoking as I have.

Scott A. Aicher
Chief Operating Officer

The Digital Transformation 2023 Report

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Meet our panel of experts

Julian Graham-Rack

Julian Graham-Rack

CEO, PrinSIX Ltd

Julian is CEO of PrinSIX, a company that supplies a ready-to-deploy digital platform to augment customer journeys in financial services, utilities, and consumer finance industries.

Mayank Jain

Mayank Jain

Head of Digital Transformation, US Tech Solutions, Inc.

Following a career in IBM where he pioneered experiential digital solutions, Mayank has transitioned to become a lead expert in digital transformation.

Andrew Lawrie

Andrew Lawrie

Chief Technology Officer, Encanvas software

Rated in the Top 10 of computer scientists of his generation, Andrew is the co-founder of Encanvas and is leading the charge towards democratized  enterprise computing.

Sid Vasili

Sid Vasili

Founder & CEO, Vasili Associates, ChatReact Ltd

Sid is a serial entrepreneur with a focus on FinTech and online business brands. He successfully completed two payments industry trade sales before transitioning to become a seed investor.

Bilal Itani

Bilal Itani

Founder & CEO, ModularCX

Bilal is Co-Founder of the pioneering 3D technology company, ModularCX.  The company is redefining customer journeys and experiences at point of sale by democratizing 3D customer engagement experiences.

Nick Lawrie

Nick Lawrie

Managing Director, NDMC Consulting

Nick is CEO of NDMC Ltd. Previously, in the 1980s, he pioneered Shared Service Centers as Regional CFO for Becton Dickinson. In recent years, he has consulted on business model re-design.

Suresh Gupta

Suresh Gupta

Chief Solution Architect, Simplify Workforce, Inc.

Suresh is the chief solution architect behind SipmlifyVMS and the portfolio of solutions being delivered by Simplify Workforce, Inc.

Scott A. Aicher

Scott A. Aicher

COO, US Tech Solutions, Inc.

Scott is a passionate software, technology services and staffing solutions, veteran.  Over almost 30 years, Scott has enjoyed a prolific career as a successful Entrepreneur and Executive Leader.  He has served with some of the industry’s most respected global firms.

Nigel Garner

Nigel Garner

Managing Consultant, Nimble Approach<br />

Nigel is a practicing Digital Transformation consultant and has engineered a series of successful projects in public and private sectors.

Chris Ward

Chris Ward

Joint CEO, Francis North Group

Chris is Joint CEO of the UK digital technology specialist Francis North Group.  With a career lifetime in enterprise IT fulfillment, Chris and his team have been implementing large-scale DX projects in the public and private sector.

Our synergistic approach to on-demand talent will facilitate your transformation

The human talent delivery capability of US TECH SOLUTIONS helps businesses around the world to achieve their digital ambitions.  We will work with you to engineer growth, facilitate change and deliver high quality STEM talent at scale. We establish a Statement of Work (SOW) contracting agenda that focuses more on outcomes than the hours worked, meaning your executive team can spend more time delivering results, than managing hires. 

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