Application Development

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IT architects, UX consultants and project professionals with experience of applications development projects

App dev coders and agile scrum leaders with over 6-years of experience in delivering enterprise projects with Low-code/No-Code tools

Statement of Work (SOW) contracting options to find the talent quickly and affordably

Mobile experts with experience in working with popular mobile dev platforms


Innovative and custom enterprise software solutions

Application Development is a multifaceted and ever-evolving process that demands expert guidance to harness the benefits of cutting-edge tools. Our proven track record and quality-first approach position us as your ideal partner to navigate this complex terrain.

We adopt diverse development methodologies, adhere to best practices, and follow rigorous testing protocols to ensure that our clients receive top-notch desktop and native mobile apps.

Our comprehensive Application Development services span the entire software development life cycle, with a consistent track record of meeting targets punctually and within budget. Our repeat business rate of over 90% attests to our effectiveness in this regard.

Over 90% of our clients continue to engage us after their first project

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Application Services

Customer Relationship Management

We have a track record in architecting, deploying and maintaining leading platforms including SalesForce, Zoho CRM, PipeDrive, Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Oracle CRM On Demand.

Business Process Management

Our HyperAutomation consulting team offer your business the tooling and experience to maximize RPA, Low-Code and BPM Workflow tools to streamline business processes

Enterprise Content Management

From in-house document and content repositories to, records management, case management and federated brand management, we can maximize the control and value of content for your enterprise

Enterprise Application Development

From departmental to industry-wide solutions, our applications development resources span the entire lifecycle – consulting, design development, QA, testing and support.


As pioneers in low-code and no-code tools and leading players in cloud-native computing, we provide the skills necessary to expedite your market entry.

Mobile Applications Development

Supporting popular dev platforms and languages including iOS, Android and Flutter, our UX/IX designers and mobile app devs combine to bring mobility to your workforce and customers.

How do we do it?

  • Provide comprehensive AppDev services, from roadmap to execution, requirements blueprint, build, run, and improvement
  • Perform release management including configuration and ongoing maintenance and improvement
  • Based on the project requirements we adopt or recommend the appropriate software development methodology
  • Support legacy and customer applications development in a tiered support model
  • Deliver robust QA & testing services, including user acceptance testing, performance testing, accessibility testing, etc.
  • Document notes for users as well as produce technical documentation

On-time, On-budget Applications Development

USTECH SOLUTIONS is a leading global provider of digital workforce for large businesses. We serve demands for 85 of the Fortune 500 across various industries, delivering successful talent acquisition and governance programs.