Encanvas/4 – the Enterprise-Grade Codeless Application Platform – automates businesses one app at a time to create above and beyond customer experiences.

OXFORD-UK, August 10, 2020 – Encanvas today unveiled the latest version of its Enterprise-Grade Codeless Enterprise Applications Platform. Encanvas/4 makes it possible for the ideas people of an enterprise to create machine-to-machine and human-to-machine apps in workshops using Agile Codeless methods. 

The global pandemic has raised demands on businesses to move to online sales and marketing. Business leaders are pressured to closely integrate their websites to back-office systems and orchestrate business models, one app at a time, to maximize customer experience while minimizing operating costs through hyper-automation.

This drive towards use of digital technologies to bring differentiating value to customers, means companies have become app innovation factories. This demand is fuelled a growing Rapid Applications Development tech industry and Low-Code app development solutions estimated to reach 1$46.4 billion by 2026.

Solutions for Rapid Applications Development in the market today target two separate audiences; so-called Citizen Developers that want to create apps themselves but lack coding skills, and IT Professionals engaged in applications development but seeking faster ways to deliver outcomes.

Encanvas/4 has been expressly designed to equip fast growing businesses and large enterprises with a secure private cloud app ecosystem to design, deploy and run as many apps as they need and change them as often as they like. Additionally, it provides the means to integrate existing data repositories and websites with core business systems to create a data driven business able to experience their customer landscape from the first contact to the latest transaction.

Encanvas claims its codeless approach uniquely breaks down the divide between IT and the business by equipping Business Analysts with the means to support the end-to-end app ideation process, while further empowering IT teams to maintain data security, app deployment, performance, scaling and governance roles. Using Encanvas, businesses can displace self-authored shadow systems and spreadsheets, migrate human-in-the-loop processes to full automation, and simplify their app architectures and data models to cut legacy burdens while increasing data asset value.

With many firms considering or already engaged in digital transformations, Encanvas supplies the app ecosystem and integration-ware to support Hyper-Automation. It promises the fastest time to value while bringing together e-forms, robotic automation (RPA), artificial intelligence (AI), data science, and workflow in one platform.

Encanvas produces improved customer experiences and digital transformations one enterprise application at a time, delivered up to 10 times faster than Low-Code.

Originally launched in 2003, new features in the version 4.0 platform include:
Live-Wireframing – Technology to design, create and publish ready-to-deploy prototypes without coding or scripting in workshops.
AppFabric – Technology to manage the formation of private cloud app ecosystems, separating the ideation role duties of Business Analysts from the deep technical roles fulfilled by IT Professionals.
Hyper-Drive – A Universal Data Plug that means third party code, script, apps or data sources can be fully embedded into Encanvas’s codeless ‘building block’ app ecosystem.
Web iFrame Integration – Giving app designers an elegant way to integrate Encanvas forms and apps into their existing websites and app portals.

Encanvas/4 is generally available in October 2020. For a free trial, go to: https://www.encanvas.com/get-the-app/

About Encanvas

Encanvas is a Codeless Applications Platform created for the ideas people of your enterprise.  Encanvas/4 is the world’s first codeless app ecosystem to support applications design, deployment and operation without coding or scripting.  It produces enterprise-grade apps and helps change management teams to evolve business IT at the speed of light to maximize customer experience and minimize costs.  Build the apps you need and change them as often as you like.  Many of the world’s largest organizations have used Encanvas applications to automate, transform and grow.  For more information, visit www.encanvas.com.



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