In a world when workers are prioritizing work-life balance, how can your business tailor its job advertisement to attract and retain top talent?

Money is the cause of all happiness… right? 

Well, that’s what we all used to think. However, now the tables have turned, and a work-life balance is becoming more important than the need for our bank balance to look like a money tree. On average one-third of our life is spent working, and following a global pandemic where workers were forced to work from home, it’s becoming more popular to prioritize the work-life balance overpay.

In fact, over 30% of workers said they’d give up part of their pay for a better work-life balance.

Which is A LOT of workers. Therefore, your business can benefit from tailoring its job advertisements to promote the work-life balance, to attract candidates of this thought. But first, you may want to take a look at your business and how it actually supports flexible and remote working. There may be policies and procedures that you may want to change to further facilitate these initiatives.

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How do we promote work-life balance in the workplace?

Work-life balance means different things to different workers, particularly as the talent pool continues to diversify. It’s worth remembering that some workers are parents, some more mature, and others are fresh out of school. Nevertheless, getting the best results from your job promotions ultimately comes down to the same factors we highlight here.

Examine the demand:

Consider how realistic it is that your audience can fulfill your work needs; for example, how much work you are giving each worker, and if they have the time and facilities to conduct this work in their working hours and not be required to work overtime. You need to ask yourself if you are putting unrealistic expectations onto workers. If your workplace isn’t an environment where work-life balance is possible in the first place then the rest of the steps are pointless. Managers/supervisors can have informal discussions to assess the stress levels of those in their team to identify which individuals are overworked or are overwhelmed by the workload.

Make workers feel supported and respected:

A report shows that 31% of employees strongly agree that their employers care about them as a person, and one in five workers left their place of work because they did not feel like the company supported their well-being.

Interestingly then, a high percentage believe that they are not cared about by their employer. If your worker feels supported and respected, they are more likely to remain loyal to your company. Additionally, a worker who feels respected and supported by their company may be more likely to open up to their employer and discuss the changes that need to be made to encourage a better work-life balance.  All the evidence suggests that showing that you care is beneficial to both your company and your worker.


If you want to help your workers achieve a good work-life balance, you can give them the opportunity to offer an opinion or provide suggestions.  A Sage study showed that half of the workers surveyed (47%) have never been asked by their employer what will improve their work experiences.


COVID-19 has influenced a change in flexible and hybrid working, and it has become more important than ever. Flexible working incorporates everyone, of all age groups. A study conducted by Sage found that 81% of workers placed importance and value on flexible working.

Workers value companies that allow them to work in a time frame they desire, and the company trusts that the individual will complete their work. Creating an adaptable work environment can create a resilient team, in turn, benefiting your business.

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Re-framing your job adverts

What should your job advertisement show?

Firstly, know that your ads should no longer be framed solely around the job description. You need to present what goes on in your company in terms of the workplace culture, the training you will provide, the benefits, and the perks they will receive from working in your company.

Now, since work-life balance is so important to workers, this NEEDS to be shown in the advertisement. Present the factors above that apply to your company and more. Question—are you exposing the values that are sought after by talent? Highlighting these in your advertisements will attract a wider pool of candidates.

Most importantly, give jobseekers a snapshot into your company, so they can imagine what their life will be like working in your company. A company that prioritizes them and their wellbeing.