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Hyper-Automation Explained

Hyper-Automation describes a multi-disciplinary approach to finding the best answers to process automations.  We know that machines can process more data, more accurately than humans – but humans continue to be the best fit for any number of automation needs. Learn more.


Why GlueWare Is Taking Over

While digital technologies are becoming better understood and more capable, the greater challenge lies in embedding advanced technologies into business models and incumbent process. Discover how GlueWare technologies can be used to simplify the automation of cross-functional process steps.

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Is Your Cloud Strategy Falling Short?

A decade ago, every tech headline was pointing to the advantages of moving to SaaS apps and cloud hosting.  With a decade of learning experience (and migrations), the role of the cloud is shifting from fundamentals to incremental value.  Find out what you might still be missing from your cloud strategy?


In most organizations today, less that one third of applications are automated and over sixty percent of IT investments go into ‘keeping the lights on’. 

Hyper-automation describes the ability to outpace competitors by harnessing the most appropriate digital technologies to streamline processes, faster – applying enterprise platforms that reach the market faster, at lower risk and cost, and that adapt faster to change.

It requires a rich blend of tech skills and competencies that few technology partners possess.


Hyper Automation Advisory Services

  • A track record of success
  • A reputation for innovation
  • Experienced architects, data engineers and business consultants

Digital Technologies for Hyper Automation

  • Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence
  • 3D Modelling, Product Configurators and Virtual Reality
  • Internet of Things, Sensor Networking, Drones, Smart Meters
  • Geospatial Intelligence, Location Based Data Science
  • Robotic Process Automation 
  • Blockchain and Open Banking
  • Chatbots and Personalized Onboarding Journeys


Automating your business processes can improve customer experience while optimizing operating costs.  Options on automation once centered around a headlong focus in removing the human-from-the-loop, but a growing maturing of project methods, tools and cultures is resulting in a re-evaluation of how to approach process automation.

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