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Using PAM to support the ‘Sec’ in DevSecOps

Despite its reputation as slow and complex, PAM can be included in the DevOps pipeline effectively

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Is Covid-19 ushering a new digital world ?

Some digitally advanced sectors have fared better during the pandemic than others. But home-working, home-schooling and online shopping are just the tips of the iceberg in the road to digitalisation.

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A major milestone in AI technology illustrates the power of human intelligence

Aristo has been viewed as a significant breakthrough in the evolution of AI technology, with far-reaching implications for natural language processing, business intelligence and more. Find out more …


84% of security and development professionals believe ‘security champions’ programs can improve relationship between security and DevOps teams

New survey highlights current state of security champions programs, value they provide to organizations during digital transformation

Published date: 21 Oct

Source: Business Wire


Hyper automation market 2020 challenges, business overview and forecast research study 2027

Insights Into global hyper automation market size, status and forecast 2020-2027

Published date: 19 Oct

Source: Techno Weekly

Digital Transformation

Hybrid cloud is the cog driving the wheel of business transformation

There is no doubt that cloud deployments have the potential of unlocking innovation. However, we need to have a broader view of the definition of the cloud.

Published date: 15 Dec

Source: The Times Of India

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