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Digital transformations rely on the skilled IT people who make them happen. The digital skills gap is growing, making talent harder to obtain.

Achieving success in any Digital Transformation has become less about ‘which tech tool’ and more about access to people and skills. The consequences of the 2020 pandemic and The Great Resignation that followed, have made scarce resources scarcer still.

That’s why many firms are re-thinking their IT resourcing, adopting a people-first approach. After all, there’s little point investing in digital machinery, without the people to drive them.

We can help you to establish a Statement of Work (SOW) contracting agenda that focuses more on outcomes than hours worked.  It means your exec team can spend more time delivering results, than managing hires.

Your Digital Opportunity

It’s no longer practical and viable to establish a resourcing strategy founded on permanent employment.


Proportion of employees reporting that the pandemic has made them rethink the role of work in their lives (Gartner)


Proportion of HR Leaders that say they are prepared to address this shortage of critical talent. (Gartner)


Proportion of IT executives that see the talent shortage as the most significant adoption barrier of emerging technologies (Gartner)

  • Requirements for IT skills are broad and changing fast making long-term re-skilling a major hurdle. In July 2022, the IT sector saw a monthly average number of job openings stood at 226 thousand.
  • The pandemic continues to shape workforce attitudes to work with 59% choosing to work from home all or most of the time, suggesting they WANT more flexibility and control over their work-life than previously.
  • On average, it takes 20% less time to hire an IT expert compared to employing one (The average time to fill for IT workers in 2020 was 42 days, the average time to hire 33 days).

The effectiveness of IT teams is substantively comprised without the optimal blend of internal and external workers, not only to deploy innovation, but harness its use.

USTECH is a digitally–aware talent partner for large scale enterprises. We’re able to supply a well-trained digital workforce on-demand.

Digital Transformation Services

Digital Strategy

Ground-up advisory-led boardroom programs for Digital Transformation

Digital Consulting

Fulfilment of Statement of Work (SOW) projects to define, deliver, resource and implement large-scale Digital Transformations

Digital Innovation

Injecting new digital innovations and working practices into your existing business processes

UI/UX Design & Ideation

Customer journey, user interface and experiential design covering web, desktop and digital TV platforms

Application Modernization

Transforming incumbent software applications by harnessing new digital technologies including big data, blockchain, IoT, AI, RPA, etc.

Immersive Digital

Taking digital transformations to the next level with the application of immersive metaverse technologies and solutions

Driving Digital Outcomes

USTECH SOLUTIONS is a leading global provider of global workforce for large businesses. We deliver successful talent acquisition and governance programs for 85 of the Fortune 500 across various industries since 2000.