Data Engineering

Recent studies by Gartner indicate a growing CIO’s focus on Composable IT. Here’s everything you should know about it. 


Mainstream organizations that plan to use the composable business model as a strategic objective—Gartner


Reduction in integration design time resulting from data fabric deployment—Gartner


Reduction in data maintenance due to deployment of a data fabric—Gartner

The Data Engineering Agenda’s Shift to Composable IT

Pre-frame enterprise data structures and quality to make data composable by information consumers

Deploy a data fabric that reinforces Master Data Management (MDM)


Maximize the value of data by making it more re-usable through data marts

Overlay data graph technologies to optimize analytical possibilities

Add an additional layer of composability with digital documents

Maximizing Data Value By Increasing Re-use

Scarcely any business today can thrive without its own mobile app and eCom site.  But these flagship projects are only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the app dev demands IT teams are drowning in. Composable IT and the deployment of Data Fabrics are central components to any digital transformation.  We can help your business to get your project right-first-time.

Every department head has his or her own list of priority app projects—to harness digital tools, eradicate spreadsheets, and optimize the balance between humans and machines.

And, while few could argue how game-changing low-code and no-code  development tools have been to  software development,  for most CIOs, handing over software design to ‘the business’ is a double-edged sword.

When low-code development became a thing, US Tech Solutions was an early trailblazer.  So, it’s no surprise that today we’re helping CIOs of large organizations to make the move to composable IT.

Get familiar with composable technologies


Digital Documents

Digital documents are composable applications built from business-centric modular components,  They make it easier to use and reuse data and code, accelerating the time to market for new information solutions.

Data Fabric

A digital data fabric that spans the enterprise to make data consumable—connected, organized, etc. (HyperDrive multipurpose plug-in optional)

Digital Cloud Spaces

A Digital Cloud Spaces layer—a cloud-native secure private cloud cluster container architecture that brings more control and cybersecurity tooling to IT, with version rollback technology.


Data Asset Value

Maximize the value of your data assets and find new ways to monetize data with our Data Asset Value consulting services

Data Discovery

Instal data extract, transform and load (ETL) treatments and data marts to make data more discoverable

Data Analytics

Harness Graph Technology to create the dashboards, reports and scorecards your business needs to drive growth

Master Data Management

Create a single-version-of-the-truth for business critical data assets to simplify maintenance and reduce data replication

Data Warehousing

Forge the data landscapes that drive your business, to make data more composable for your stakeholder audience

Data Governance

Improve your data security posture and install safeguards into your guardianship of business critical assets

“There is no business strategy without a cloud strategy,”
Milind Govekar, VP, Gartner

The combination of cloud-native ecosystems, digital data fabric architectures and composable data harvesting and analysis tools create a service-led approach to harnessing digital data across and beyond the business.  But, making that ambition real can prove a much harder challenge without the skilled IT resources the realize it.

USTECH SOLUTIONS has a decade of project experience in delivering cloud computing, data engineering and digital transformation projects.

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