Has your cloud agenda delivered on its early promise?

Cloud Computing offers game-changing economies and rewards for any size of business.  If that’s not been your experience, then you’re probably missing out.

With Cloud Computing You Can:

Minimize the Total Cost of Operation for IT including the optimization of your computer server infrastructure

Benefit from advances in data privacy and governance leading to a more robust security posture

Speed time-to-market of new software projects and roll-outs by harnessing cloud-native technologies and inherent scaling advantages

Increase the frequency of platform updates without the heavy overheads of traditional on-prem IT systems

Increase agility and the pace of innovation across your business further aided by the ability to harness best-practice tools

Harness the cloud and adapt faster, at lower cost

No innovation in the history of computing has had more impact than the advent of cloud computing, and the derived digital innovations–like big data, IoT, artificial intelligence and blockchain–that have profited from its ability to federate computing resources like never before.

Sometimes, the dividends of technology innovations can fall short of the mark.  That should not be the case for your business when it comes to Cloud Computing.

Businesses expect a cloud migration agenda to result in pay-as-you-use computing outcomes, cost savings on technology infrastructure, and faster software upgrades.  Does yours?

Cloud Computing Services

Cloud Strategy

Let us work with your senior leadership team to design a modern cloud agenda that matches your budget and ambitions

Cloud Computing

Harness our team of certified experts to drive your cloud computing initiative

Cloud Evolution

We fulfil Statement of Work (SOW) projects to define, deliver, resource and implement large-scale cloud evolution projects

Cloud Integration

Maximize your data asset value by closely integrating back-office and third-party systems to build a single-version-of-the-truth with our cloud integration services.

Cloud Modernization

Transforming software applications by harnessing new digital technologies including big data, blockchain, IoT, AI, RPA, etc.

Cloud Development

Our cloud-native software development teams can help you harness popular cloud-native platforms, including Microsoft Azure, Amazon EC2, Salesforce Service Cloud and Google Cloud

The top 5 cloud computing advantages?


Often, achieving optimal outcomes comes from WHO you know, not WHAT you know. That might be the case with cloud computing too.

 When it comes to cloud computing ROI, USTECH SOLUTIONS identifies 5 areas of advantage.  In our latest article, ‘Journey to the Cloud,’ we describe them.

If you’re not convinced that you’re maximizing your cloud investment, meet one of our cloud experts.  They will help you to realize the benefits you may be missing out on.