Vendor Management System (VMS)

USTECH offers an industry-leading, next-generation Vendor Management System (VMS), offering intuitive, easy-to-use technology for managing the talent supply chain of mid-market through enterprise level clients, including:

  • Procure talent across the enterprise
  • Manage suppliers at multiple levels
  • Analyze supplier performance (StaffalyticsTM)
  • Analyze program spend (SpendalyticsTM)
  • Manage and analyze contingent and project-based labor
  • Manage and analyze services spend
  • Budget, track and approve worker time
  • Budget, track and pay time/material and fixed price payments through consolidated invoicing
  • Customize to fit your procurement process and meet your business objectives

Our software-as-a-service (SaaS) can be utilized as a stand-along solution or managed by USTECH as a Master Service Provider (MSP) through our WorkspendTM offering, as depicted below:


Save time, save money, improve your talent supply chain – and get the talent you need!

For a more consultative, flexible approach to managing your workforce in the U.S. or across the globe, contact USTECH.