Recruiting Methodology

USTECH utilizes a 3-phase, 9-step recruiting methodology from gathering and understanding client requirements to delivering best-fit talent on-demand – when, where and how it is needed.  

Each phase and step in the process is customized to the requirements, guidelines and practices of each client, according to their client-specific recruiting and service plan with USTECH. Every member of the client-dedicated service team is instructed on and held accountable to the service plan, assuring that a uniform recruiting methodology is consistently applied.

Our recruiting methodology is the engine that drives our 24x7 recruiting and service delivery; expands our reach from local-to-global talent sourcing; and ensures the proper vetting of resources across sourcing methods. The benefit to our clients: best-fit talent on-demand at the best available rate or salary, for every requirement.

By applying our proven recruiting methodology throughout the organization, USTECH assures the highest quality and most consistent service delivery at all times, without interruption or delay, under varying business conditions and changing circumstances.  

To find out how we can deliver best-fit talent on-demand and game-changing workforce solutions to your organization, contact USTECH.