Identity & Access Management (IAM)

Global enterprises face threats of breaches in data security amounting to millions or even billions of dollars from lost revenues. Efficient and secure digital Identity and Access Management (IAM) has become a critical priority. However, migrating to a streamlined, automated and standardized enterprise-wide identity management system comes with its set of challenges.

USTECH is an ideal partner to tackle these challenges, with a clear understanding of business as well as the complex IT environment characteristic of global enterprises. USTECH helps clients create business-relevant road maps and solutions to address identity and access management needs, including:

Enterprise SSO

Enterprise secure single sign-on (E-SSO) is a key component of successful enterprise identity and access management solution. USTECH offers an E-SSO solution providing a standards-based, secure approach for users to sign-on to multiple web and non-web systems by eliminating the need for multiple password challenge and user input. E-SSO provides several essential criteria for both secure access and meeting compliance regulations.

Web Access Management

USTECH offers a unified model of security system that addresses the basic issues of authentication, access control, security event logging, encryption decryption and Single Sign On for all web applications. The centralized security allows administrators to manage large number of users and user privileges and entitlements across multiple applications and platforms, in a uniform and consistent manner.

User Access and Provisioning

According to a recent survey by a leading research group, up to 40% of help desk call volume can be attributed to password management requests from end users. A single help desk call to reset a password can cost up to $40. Large enterprises are spending millions of dollars on this each year. A solution that eliminates password-related calls can result in significant savings. This is just one very visible benefit of a Global Identity and Access Management solution from USTECH.

Directory Services

Directory and messaging technologies are two essential building blocks that allow companies to manage identity and enable communications for millions of customers, suppliers and partners. USTECH can provide a range of Directory Server solutions dedicated to any industry vertical.

Application Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing

With increased number of Applications being exposed to extended intranet and Internet, applications are more vulnerable to intruder attacks which can cause many organizations excessive damage. Application Security Testing Solutions from USTECH helps organizations to identify and address Functional, Technical and Operational vulnerabilities.

Role Management

Most enterprises today adapt Role-based Access Control (RBAC) - the management of IT privileges in accordance to business roles -- as best practice and as a solution to the privileges quality and control issues. In a role-based environment, 500 roles may replace a million individual access rights, making it easier to manage and maintain. Moreover, roles correspond to business practices, and as such enhance collaboration between business and IT. USTECH has extensive experience in role engineering whereby optimum role models can be defined for an organization.

Privileged User & Password Management

Data Privacy and sensitive data access is a key customer concern today owing to regulatory requirements as well as recent events of sensitive data exposure/ data theft. One of the biggest drivers for adoption of Privilege Password Management Solutions has been the Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX).