With mounting pressure from regulators, the marketplace, shareholders, and even employees, companies are hard-pressed to develop sustainability initiatives. But sustainability represents more than good corporate citizenship; it makes for good business, too.

Our GreenThink consulting practice helps clients boost business performance by integrating “green” initiatives and practices into daily operations. Leveraging sustainability provides a new opportunity to increase profitability, increase efficiency, and drive innovation throughout an organization. And it can set a business apart in the eyes of customers, employees, and investors.

Service offerings within GreenThink include:

  • Carbon Management Solutions
  • Consolidation Solutions
  • Document Management Solutions
  • Energy Management Solutions
  • Green Business Audits
  • SmartGrid Solutions (for Utilities)
  • Sustainable Supply Chain Solutions
  • Storage Solutions
  • Virtualization Solutions

Control costs, reduce environmental risk, improve your processes – and build ROI through sustainability!

To learn more about how GreenThink can help your enterprise meet the challenges and leverage the opportunity of sustainability, contact USTECH.